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Movable unit for air and surfaces


unlimited possibilities

In the past year, the focus on hygiene has increased significantly and many organizations are making an extra effort.

UVMoveo can help your organization ensure that the level of hygiene is kept high, while at the same time releasing your resources for activities that create value for the organization.

UVMoveo is for you who want a safe and effective product that is also flexible.

Efficient and flexible

UVMoveo is a movable solution on wheels that can be easily disassembled and transported around to different locations.

If a room needs to be disinfected, UVMoveo simply needs to be rolled into the room and set in motion.

After the disinfection treatment is completed, all light-affected surfaces are disinfected and UVMoveo can be stored away.

Flexible solution to increase hygiene

Focusing on hygiene has never been more important. UVMoveo can solve many of the hygiene challenges we face every day.

use UVMoveo?

  • 80% of viral infections are caused by contact with contaminated surfaces.
  • Approx. 20% of all Danes are infected with influenza annually.
  • One influenza case causes 3.7 – 5.9 lost working days  on average.
  • Most disinfection methods are manual.
  • More resources are being used on disinfection than ever before.
  • Many disinfectants are chemical and can be harmful to the environment.
  • Customers want to visit businesses that are safe and hygienic.

does UVMoveo do?

  • Flexible and effective disinfection.
  • Creates a safer environment.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Reduces costs.
  • Protects the environment.
  • Increases revenue.

does UVMoveo do it?

  • The disinfection can be automated so that it does not require staff.
  • Minimizes the spread of infection.
  • Increases hygiene and employee health.
  • Releases resources and reduces sick leave.
  • Disinfects with UVC-light without the use of chemicals.
  • Shows your customers that your business is safe to visit.

Easy. Flexible. Effective.

Disinfecting surfaces has never been more convenient and easy.

Move UVMoveo into the room

And pull chairs and other surfaces out for maximum light contact.

Initiate disinfection

And leave the room when the alarm sounds.


The surfaces are disinfected

When the bulbs turn off, the treatment is complete and all light-affected surfaces are disinfected.

Environmentally friendly, efficient, and flexible

Environmentally friendly disinfection

Without the use of chemicals that can be harmful to humans and our environment.

Flexible disinfection

With a product that can be moved around to all rooms.

Effective disinfection

Without resistance or residues.

Your challenge. Our mission.

Practical and effective

UVMoveo is built with a removable top module for quick and easy moving/unpacking.

UVMoveo is equipped with 3 powerful UVC-bulbs, which are mounted in closed protective tubes made of quartz glass.

The device has a treatment radius of up to 10 meters at a treatment time of up to 100 minutes (depending on the selected UVC dose).

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