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It is easy to maintain a high level of hygiene with UVLumen

High hygiene increases productivity

It has never been more important to have a high level of hygiene, than it is today.

Many hours and resources are used on cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, as high hygiene in the organization equals lower sick-leave and increased productivity.

Easy and fast surface disinfection

With UVLumen, disinfecting surfaces has never been easier.

UVLumen is a lamp for ceilings and walls that disinfects all light-affected surfaces in the room.

The disinfection is efficient and with the programming option it is easy to automize the process.

UVLumen creates a healthier environment

UVLumen disinfects surfaces on premises and can help make a difference for your organization.

use UVLumen?

  • 80% of viral infections are caused by contact with contaminated surfaces.
  • Approx. 20% of all Danes are infected with influenza annually.
  • One influenza case causes 3.7 – 5.9 lost working days  on average.
  • Most disinfection methods are manual.
  • More resources are being used on disinfection than ever before.
  • Many disinfectants are chemical and can be harmful to the environment.
  • Customers want to visit businesses that are safe and hygienic.

does UVLumen do?

  • Quick and effective disinfection.
  • Creates a safer environment.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Reduces costs.
  • Protects the environment.
  • Increases revenue.

does UVLumen do it?

  • The disinfection can be automated so that it does not require staff.
  • Minimizes the spread of infection.
  • Increases hygiene and employee health.
  • Releases resources and reduces sick leave.
  • Disinfects with UVC-light without the use of chemicals.
  • Shows your customers that your business is safe to visit.

Your challenge. Our mission

Many Options

As the UVLumen can be programmed and automated, there are many options for use. 

Here are some examples of how UVLumen can increase your hygiene level, while releasing resources for activities that create value for your organization.

At school

Today, many teachers have to disinfect the classroom after a lecture. With UVLumen, you can simply initiate a treatment when the lecture is completed and the teacher can spend time on e.g. preparation instead

At the doctor

Every time a patient has had a consultation with the doctor, a disinfection treatment can be initiated so that the room is safe for the next patient.

In the toilet

UVLumen can be programmed so that a disinfection treatment is initiated every time a person has been to the toilet. If someone opens the door while a treatment is in progress, the light turns off automatically.

In the office or in the meeting room

Each time a meeting is completed, UVLumen can disinfect the room. It can also be programmed to start every night when employees have gone home, so the office is disinfected and safe the next day.

Environmentally friendly disinfection from ceiling to surfaces

The bulbs are designed and developed to hit the widest possible surface, while being easy to maintain. UVLumen can easily be mounted on the ceiling and wired to existing electrical networks.


250 J/m2 for 2 min

750 J/m2 for 3 min


250 J/m2 for 8 min

750 J/m2 for 24 min

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