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Ultraviolet door handle sanitizer. Fully automatic.

The UVHandle is a revolutionary new product, which disinfects door handles with the use of ultraviolet light. It is a high-quality product that is very effective against viruses and bacteria. Our UVHandle was developed in close collaboration with Danish UV-experts and was designed in Denmark to create an elegant solution for disinfection.

The UVHandle was developed to minimize the spread of infection, thus protecting all people in public places. Door handles are some of the most frequently touched surfaces and the cleaning of these can be a major challenge. Our product solves this challenge simply and safely, as it is highly effective against e.g. influenza, SARS, and Covid-19.


Benefits of UVHandle

With close collaboration with Danish UV-experts, we have developed a product that ensures the most effective results. There are no similar solutions, as the UVHandle disinfects door handles after each use. Therefore, it guarantees that the handles are always clean and safe to use.


The UVHandle is easily mounted on almost all types of doors and door handles. The process takes only a few minutes and there is no need for drilling or screwing. In addition, we have made sure that maintenance is minimal. With the UVHandle, there is no need to refill liquid or cartridges, replace parts, or the like. (You simply charge the batteries every 3-6 months.

By using UV-light, we also minimize the consumption of alcohol and other liquids that can be harmful to both humans and nature. Our UVHandle is for you who want to create the safest environment for your guests, colleagues, and customer and believe that safety is of the highest priority

How does the UVHandle work?

The genius of the UVHandle is found in its simplicity. Each time the door is used, the movement is detected by a sensor. When the sensor detects that the movement has stopped, The UVHandle initiates a disinfection cycle. After the cycle it goes back to standby, having ensured that the door handle is clean and safe to use.

What about bacteria and viruses in the future?

It is not possible to predict which kind of bacteria and viruses will occur in the future. It can, therefore, be difficult to prepare in advance. However, the UVHandle solvest his challenge as well. Read more on our FAQ-list at the bottom of the page.

door handle sanitizer standby door handle sanitizer active


Where to use the UVHandle?

Our door handle sanitizer is designed to be used in places of high-risk of virus contagion such as:

UVHandle hospital icon

Hospitals, GP’s, day-cares, elderly care homes

UVHandle school icon

Kindergartens, schools, Universities

UVHandle office icon


UVHandle shop icon

Public spaces like museums, libraries and shops.

UVHandle toilet icon

Public toilets

UVHandle gym icon

Sport centres like gyms, sports halls

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How effective is the technology used in the UVHandle?
What type of door handle can UVHandle be used for?
What about bacteria and viruses in the future?
How is the UVHandle mounted?
How is the UVHandle maintained?
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