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Viral and bacterial infections impose a heavy burden on society, both socially and economically, with pressure on the health care system and lost productivity associated with sick leave. Most of these infections are caused by contact with contaminated surfaces.

It is incredibly resource-intensive to ensure constant cleaning of all surfaces, but by attacking the greatest spreaders of infection, you will be able to minimize the spread of infection in your organization. UVHandle helps your organization attack one of the biggest spreaders – the door handle.


Each time the door has been used, UVHandle will automatically initiate a disinfection cycle with UVC and kill dangerous microorganisms on the door handle.

UVHandle makes a difference

This solution can make a difference for most organizations in both the public and private sectors.

Use the UVHandle?

  • Most viral infections are caused by touching contaminated surfaces.
  • One contaminated door handle will transfer the virus to the next 14 people who use it.
  • Approx. 20% of all Danes are infected with influenza annually.
  • One contaminated handle can spread virus to 50% of staff in less than 4 hours.
  • One influenza case causes 3.7 – 5.9 lost working days  on average.

Does the UVHandle do?

  • Effective disinfection.
  • Creates a safer environment.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Reduces costs.
  • Increases revenue.
  • Protects the environment.

Does the UVHandle do it?

  • Disinfects every time with UVC-light.
  • Minimizes the spread of infection
  • Increases hygiene and employee health.
  • Releases resources and reduces sick leave.
  • Shows your customers that your business is safe to visit.
  • No use of harmful chemicals.

Easy. Simple. Effective.

Ensuring disinfected door handles has never been easier.


Easy installation

UVHandle is mounted on the door in less than 5 min. It is mounted with double-sided adhesive tape and there is no need for screws or holes.

uvhandle guide2

The door is used

Every time the door is used, there is a risk of the door handle being contaminated. Therefore, each use is registered by sensor in the UVHandle.

uvhandle right

Treatment is activated

Once the door has been used, the UVHandle moves out and initiates a disinfection cycle. The door handle is clean and safe to use every time.

Do as our customers and increase the hygiene of your organization

We strive for happy customers. We are always ready with advice and help to identify your biggest sources of infection. Here are a number of statements from some of our happy customers.


The UVHandle is equipped with UV-C light, which is a well-known technology in, especially the health and medicine sectors, where it is used to ensure that, e.g. medicine is not contaminated during production. UV-C is effective against most viruses and bacteria known in Europe and the effects are well documented.

To kill bacteria and viruses with UV-C, the right combination of power, distance to surface, and time of disinfection cycle is required. With the collaboration of Danish UV-experts we have developed the right combination ensuring effectiveness. Once the right combination is achieved, the DNA/RNA of the virus is destroyed.

According to tests, we have developed the right combination of power, time, and distance. Therefore, the killing of, yet unknown, viruses and bacteria is a matter of the time needed. Initially, the UVHandle is programmed for a 12 second disinfection cycle. However, if a virus occurs in the future that is more resistant, the disinfection cycle can be adjusted to up to 20 seconds. The UVHandle is, therefore, prepared for most bacteria and viruses in the future.

The UVHandle is easily mounted and only takes a few minutes. It is mounted with pre-installed adhesive tape and there is no need for drills or screws. You simply have to install the UVHandle 2 cm from the door handle by using the including spirit leveler to ensure, that it is horizontal.

We have developed a solution where the need for maintenance is minimal. As the UVHandle uses UV-C light, there is no need for the use of alcohol or other liquids that can be harmful to humans and our environment. Additionally, you do not need to refill liquid or cartridges, replace parts, etc. You simply need to charge the batteries with the included charger.

A sensor inside the UVHandle senses if you still have your hand on the door handle, when it initiates a desinfection cycle. Thus, it will go back to its original position as shown in the video below:

The door will always be accessible without the use of tools or a key. If an emergency occurs and the UVHandle is running a desinfection cycle, you can always push the UVHandle back manually as shown in the video below:

We recommend that UVHandle is mounted on both sides of the door, as both handles are used and thus contribute to the spread of infection. However, If you only mount UVHandle on one side of the door, you can freely use the handle on the other side, as shown in the video below:

The treatment is only activated 7 seconds after the UVHandle has registered a movement. If the UVHandle detects new movements within this time frame, it postpones the treatment until the door is no longer used. That way we avoid waiting time during busy periods. Watch the video below:


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