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UVHandle is a revolutionary, ultraviolet, automatic door handle sanitizer designed and developed in Denmark. UVHandle is created to provide the highest quality of the product, the highest efficiency and the best, elegant, non-invasive design.

UVHandle was created to protect the people who are the most vulnerable such as elderly, sick and children by minimalizing the risk of the spread of the diseases like SARS or COVID-19.


Why is UVHandle better than the competitors? What are the benefits of the UVHandle?

UVHandle is a unique product in terms of door handle sanitizer. No other company is offering a device that allows to disinfect a door handle in a matter of seconds and does not require any maintenance besides the battery charging.


UVHandle can be installed on almost all types of door handles in a matter of minutes without any drilling. Furthermore, UVHandle is very easy to maintain because it requires only charging of batteries every 3-6 months, and there is no need for any fluid refills or cartridge replacement. UVHandle is also power efficient since the device is in a constant standby mode and is only working when the door handle is used.

How does UVHandle work?

The genius of the UVHandle is in its simplicity. Each usage of the door handle is registered by the sensor in the device. When the sensor registers that there is no more movement, UVHandle covers the door handle and runs a single disinfecting cycle for 10-20 seconds after which the handle is clean and ready to be used again.

When should someone use the UVHandle?

UVHandle is designed to be automatically used after every person that touches the door handles, in order to ensure that they are always clean and disinfected. All-day, every day.

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Where to use the UVHandle?

UVHandle is designed to be used in places of high-risk of virus contagion such as:
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Hospitals, GP’s, day-cares, elderly care homes

Kindergartens, schools, Universities


Public spaces like museums, libraries and shops.

Public toilets

Sport centres like gyms, sports halls

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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