The UVHandle will increase the hygiene and health of your company, thus optimizing productivity.


The UVHandle is a revolutionary new product, which disinfects door handles with the use of ultraviolet light. It is a high-quality product that is very effective against viruses and bacteria. Our UVHandle was developed in close collaboration with Danish UV-experts and was designed in Denmark to create an elegant solution for disinfection.

The UVHandle was developed to minimize the spread of infection, thus protecting all people in public places. Door handles are some of the most frequently touched surfaces and the cleaning of these can be a major challenge. Our product solves this challenge simply and safely, as it is highly effective against e.g. influenza, SARS, and Covid-19.

How does the UVHandle work?

The genius of the UVHandle is found in its simplicity. Each time the door is used, the movement is detected by a sensor. When the sensor detects that the movement has stopped, The UVHandle initiates a disinfection cycle. After the cycle it goes back to standby, having ensured that the door handle is clean and safe to use.

What about bacteria and viruses in the future?

It is not possible to predict which kind of bacteria and viruses will occur in the future. It can, therefore, be difficult to prepare in advance. However, the UVHandle solvest his challenge as well. Read more on our FAQ-list at the bottom of the page.


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“We have had UVHandle mounted on some of our doors with great success. My employees have expressed that they feel safer in everyday life, and they greatly appreciate that extra efforts are being made to increase their safety. ”

– Mirela Tanovic, CEO at Kære Pleje Aps

“We have chosen to buy a set of UVHandle, and we have placed it on our busiest door, to test the product, but also to hear our landlords reaction. After having installed UVHandle for a few weeks, we have decided that we must invest in UVHandle, where we will initially have it installed on our toilets. Sun & Safe has a very good opportunity to lease the product, which we will most likely take advantage of. ”

– House of Innovation: Esben Padkjær


The UVHandle is equipped with UV-C light, which is a well-known technology in, especially the health and medicine sectors, where it is used to ensure that, e.g. medicine is not contaminated during production. UV-C is effective against most viruses and bacteria known in Europe and the effects are well documented.

To kill bacteria and viruses with UV-C, the right combination of power, distance to surface, and time of disinfection cycle is required. With the collaboration of Danish UV-experts we have developed the right combination ensuring effectiveness. Once the right combination is achieved, the DNA/RNA of the virus is destroyed. The UVHandle has up to 99% effectiveness on the most common microorganisms after each disinfection cycle.

According to tests, we have developed the right combination of power, time, and distance. Therefore, the killing of, yet unknown, viruses and bacteria is a matter of the time needed. Initially, the UVHandle is programmed for a 12 second disinfection cycle. However, if a virus occurs in the future that is more resistant, the disinfection cycle can be adjusted to up to 20 seconds. The UVHandle is, therefore, prepared for most bacteria and viruses in the future.

The UVHandle is easily mounted and only takes a few minutes. It is mounted with pre-installed adhesive tape and there is no need for drills or screws. You simply have to install the UVHandle 2 cm from the door handle by using the including spirit leveler to ensure, that it is horizontal.

We have developed a solution where the need for maintenance is minimal. As the UVHandle uses UV-C light, there is no need for the use of alcohol or other liquids that can be harmful to humans and our environment. Additionally, you do not need to refill liquid or cartridges, replace parts, etc. You simply need to charge the batteries with the included charger, approx. every 3-6 months based on your use.

A sensor inside the UVHandle senses if you still have your hand on the door handle, when it initiates a desinfection cycle. Thus, it will go back to its original position as shown in the video below:

The door will always be accessible without the use of tools or a key. If an emergency occurs and the UVHandle is running a desinfection cycle, you can always push the UVHandle back manually as shown in the video below:

We recommend that UVHandle is mounted on both sides of the door, as both handles are used and thus contribute to the spread of infection. However, If you only mount UVHandle on one side of the door, you can freely use the handle on the other side, as shown in the video below: 

The treatment is only activated 7 seconds after the UVHandle has registered a movement. If the UVHandle detects new movements within this time frame, it postpones the treatment until the door is no longer used. That way we avoid waiting time during busy periods. Watch the video below:


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